Students of Ms. VanderPlas

Hello there, students of Mrs. V!  Here are some resources that will be helpful for your research on South Africa.  Any questions?  Please let Mrs. Parker-Haas know.

Research tools:

  The coolest search engine possibly ever.  Go to "Log in" to create an account.  Under "class code" please put: VanderPlas.  Easy, right?  You want to create an account and sign in so that you can save your searches, use the journal function, save your sources, and create a works cited page.

South African History Online -- This one's pretty self-explanatory.  A whole lot of great information here.

Library Databases & Electronic Library Resources This is where you can access our databases to research in newspapers, magazines, journals, and other resources for which we pay.  I suggest checking out History Study Center and Culture Grams.

How do I cite those sources?!  Go to The OWL at Purdue University for the best, and most up-to-date information on MLA format.

Madmagz This is an online magazine creator.  There is only one template that's free, but it's a pretty good one.  There are directions for each step and you can print when you are finished.  Go through each page, step by step, then publish your magazine.  Once you publish, you can download a pdf and print it out for Mrs. V.  You can also collaborate with your group, by sharing a special link inside the magazine editor.  This is the easiest and coolest magazine creator!