Students of Ms. Cable

World War One Resources
Here are some great resources for your research on WWI.

First, check out the library databases. Username: jfkchs and Password: lancers for ALL databases.  
You can use any of them here, but these are the two best databases for your needs:
  1. ProQuest Research Library Log in and then select History from the choices and do your search. Try a couple of different search terms, such as "World War One" and "Casualties" or "Horses" and "World War I" for best results.  Narrow down your search by document type (magazine, trade journal, scholarly journal, newspaper, etc).
  2. History Study Center Log in and enter your search term.  You can choose to search all content or just search historical documents, maps, multimedia, etc.  If you KNOW what you're searching for, then select a specific content -- if not, it's best to do a general content search.

British Pathe is a newsreel archive that spans the years 1896 to 1976.  They have a ton of footage from WWI (in addition to all their other newsreels) that will give you a great visual of what the war was like.  They also have a YouTube channel with videos.  

Here's an example of the archival footage.  This is from trenches in the Argonne.

Trench Warfare in the Argonne

The British Library has a ton of information online about animals during WWI, including horses, dogs, pigeons, and other animals used. The page linked above will take you directly to a search on animals.


How do I cite those sources?!  Go to The OWL at Purdue University for the best, and most up-to-date information on MLA format.