Students of Ms. Nackos

Hello there, Period 5 and 7 Nackos students!  Below you'll find your assignment and helpful links.  Please ask questions if you have any.


Objective: Before reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, it is important to have background knowledge of the time, place, and circumstances occurring in the U.S. in the mid 1800s. 

Research these issues of American slavery:

1. how slaves sustained a sense of selfhood and cultural identity in slave-master relationships

2. how slavery affected white people, even non-slave owning

3. how slave laws changed over time, especially just before the Civil War

4. The aspects of slavery emphasized by abolitionists and freed slaves in their narratives

5. How a free state or slave state was determined


Research your assigned topic from the list above and create a presentation for the class. 

The presentation should include visuals such as pictures, videos, graphs, maps.

The presentation must clearly and completely address the topic.

The presentation should include 3 or more questions that check for understanding from your classmates about the topic. Additionally, one or more questions should be asked that promote a discussion and have more than one right answer.

The presentation should last at least 10 minutes.


Helpful Sources:

Search our online library catalog here.


Instructions: To access each of the following databases for research, you must use our school's username and password.  For more information, or help with databases, please see Mrs. Parker-Haas in the library (or email  your questions).

USERNAME: jfkchs
PASSWORD: lancers

ProQuest Research Library   


SIRS Discoverer (General Research Database) 

eLibrary Curriculum 

ProQuest Learning: Literature 

History Study Center 

CQ Researcher:   Reference resource for research in American government, politics, history, public policy, and current affairs. 

Humanities Center’s Toolbox Library: Primary Resources in US History and Literature

NHC’s TeacherServe, Freedom’s Story, links to 19th Century Issues

Timeline of African-American History

History Matters, archives and narratives

North American Slave Narratives and Images A variety of resources available for research and perusal through the National Archives 

US Department of State Office of Historian Find historical documents, guides to countries, statistics, and other resources online from this government agency.


Find a wealth of information from the various collections and archives available through the Library of Congress online.