JFK Museum & Archive

Welcome to our high school's JFK Museum and Archive page
Quote from a February 1963 speech for the opening of a new transmitter at the United States Information Agency

Visit the room in the library to discover recorded speeches, original documents, photographs, campaign memorabilia, and other artifacts.  
We also have dozens of magazines and newspapers from the Kennedy era, as well as an entire collection of books by and about John F. Kennedy and his era. Use the information for research, or just spend some quiet time in the room listening to speeches or reading about the man for whom our school is named.  

Click here to access to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, Massachusetts
Links to speeches can be found in the photograph captions.

CBS News: Cronkite Announces JFKs Assassination

Memorial Wall

Painting by Peter Schille, Class of 1981

Quote from President Kennedy's undelivered speech
Dallas, Texas 11/22/63

Quote from the end of President Kennedy's inaugural speech (after the "ask not what your country can do for you" line!)

Museum case filled with artifacts donated by members of the community 

Record player and original vinyl records of Kennedy speeches (and other presidential speeches)

Wall of artifacts -- original campaign memorabilia, photos, death certificate, and inaugural invitation