Mrs. PH's Personal Philosophy

As a Library Media Specialist, it is my job to help teach, guide, and empower student learners in all aspects of their information seeking journey, while promoting information literacy and good digital citizenship to foster 21st century skills. Additionally, it is my goal to be available for collaboration with teachers of all disciplines to support and enhance the hard work they do in their classrooms, for the betterment of the students. As a Library Media Specialist, I sometimes feel like Joseph with his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  There are many colors to my Amazing Technicolor Librarian Coat:

I am a Leader: In order to successfully support teachers and students in their quest for understanding of new technology, it is essential for me to take a leadership role in building 21st century skills.  To do so I must be well-versed in the trends and technology, through professional development and actively involving myself in the learning community and then sharing my knowledge with staff and students.  It is only by taking a leadership role in this area that I can fully integrate the library and technology into the school in a meaningful way.

I am an Instructional Partner: It is essential for me to be willing and able to collaborate with teachers and administration to help develop policies guiding acceptable use of technology and informing curricula in all disciplines in regard to information technology.  Being a partner with my colleagues working on behalf of the students will lead to success for everyone.  There is no one in a better position to help guide, listen to, and collaborate with teachers than the school librarian.  This is a role I take very seriously, as I have seen first-hand the benefits of working together for the common good.  

I am an Information Specialist:  It is crucial for me to be aware of emerging technologies, their ethical uses, and to have the ability to practically help teachers implement these technologies into their lessons.  By being the school's information specialist, and working with our information technology department, I can add my knowledge and expertise to the growing needs at our school.  The ability to work with teachers and students to provide access to library materials, research information, and an understanding of the ethical use of the materials is invaluable.

I am a Teacher: Being a teacher is one of the most important roles I have as a librarian.  Not only do I need to work with teachers and students on technology and ethical use of information, but I also need to work closely with students at any level and at any time to support their success.  Working with students on research skills, literacy skills, curiosity, understanding how to access information in many formats, how to self-assess their work and be critical thinkers and collaborators are all part of the job of being a teacher librarian.  Every student who walks through the doors of my library deserves my attention and my expertise.

I am a Program Administrator: None of my Library Coat Colors matter if I am not willing to be an advocate for my program and the resources provided by the school library.  To that end, I must learn how to not only ensure that every member of my school has access to the resources of the library, but that I work with administration and the school learning community to develop effective strategies, missions, programs, and library space, both virtual and physical.  In addition, I must be able to discuss and promote educational and information issues within my school community and in the larger community of my profession.  I must be an advocate for my program and for those who benefit from its resources.

Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart         (photo credit: Patrick Haas)

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