Library Mission & Objectives

Lancer Library Mission Statement
The mission of the Lancer Library is to provide a welcoming environment that fosters learning and collaboration to ensure students become critical thinkers, readers, and responsible users of social media and technology, for their own growth as students, young adults, and as lifelong learners.

Lancer Library Program Objectives
  1. The Lancer Library offers access to a wide variety of information, in a variety of media formats, for student and teacher use.
  2. The Lancer Library promotes the ethical use of materials and information for all users.
  3. The Lancer Library strives to offer a place of inclusion and comfort for quiet study or group work.
  4. The Lancer Library offers programs to support school groups and after school needs, such as Lunch in the Library, seasonal activities, and Lancer Academy.
  5. The Lancer Library offers an environment that fosters collaboration among teachers, librarian, and students through direct instruction in the classroom or library.