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Collection Development Policy & Procedure

The Lancer Library collection is intended to support and enrich the school curriculum, the literacy objectives of the school, and to support and enhance the school mission to "graduate leaders following Christ."  Library materials are provided for grade levels 9 through 12, with every attempt made to offer diverse formats, points of view, levels of skill for personal enjoyment, and levels of instruction to supplement teacher curricula.  We strive to address the various instructional needs, interests, and maturity levels of each of our students, recognizing the diversity of background and abilities represented within our school community.

  1. Library materials should foster critical thinking, factual knowledge, literary appreciation, ethical values, and reading for pleasure.
  2. Library materials should contribute to the development of an understanding of the religious, ethnic, cultural, and occupational diversity of society.
  3. Library materials should objectively present the contributions of both genders, various religions, ethnic, and cultural groups both contemporary and historically.
  4. Library materials should be presented in a variety of formats, including but  not limited to: print materials, digital and online formats, and visual media.
Responsibility for Selection:
Initial selection of materials involves department chairs and/or teachers and the librarian.  The final responsibility for selection of instructional material and recommendations of such lies with the certified library media specialist.

Criteria for Selection:
A variety of factors are considered when selecting materials.  Current school needs, based on the curriculum and the existing collection, are given first consideration.  Faculty and student requests are also given consideration.  Anticipation of future needs based on advancements in technology and proposed curriculum changes are also considered. The following criteria should be seen as a guide for selection and purchase:
  • Adherence with the school's mission
  • Purpose of the material
  • Currency and relevance to curricular needs
  • Readability and appeal
  • Quality of writing/production
  • Authority of publisher/author and reputation and significance
  • Format and price of item
Procedures for Selection:
In addition to consulting reputable, unbiased, professionally preparing selection aids, the library media specialist will also consult specialists in the areas of instruction (both within the school and the larger community). 

Selection aids to be considered may consist of:
  • Booklist
  • Kirkus Review
  • Horn Book
  • School Library Journal

Procedures for Weeding and Discard of Materials:
The library staff will maintain a current, usable collection by regularly removing materials that are out of date, damaged, too worn to be of use, or otherwise determined to be inappropriate to the collection according to criteria for selection.  Weeded materials will be appropriately discarded.

Gift Materials:
Gift materials will be judged by the same criteria as selection materials and accepted or rejected accordingly.  In the event that a gifted item is deemed inappropriate for the Lancer Library, every effort will be made to place the item in another library or to donate it to a reputable organization.

Information adapted with permission from: K. Crane, Library Accreditation Notebook. John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, 2005.